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Here’s what Elisabeth from Tasmania has to say about her experience. 

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“Treasha’s advice on the specific property, steps involved, agents, insurance, accountants, etc. has been spot on and we are looking forward to our next investment opportunity”

Investing in property has always been a very risky proposition for us and we had been very tentative in our approach, speaking to multiple financial gurus about the advantages before we met Treasha at ARE Property. Her approach, openness and constant reassurance that we are doing the right thing has been nothing short of brilliant – not to mention the patience in answering all those newbie questions.

The financial modelling provided gives the first time investor a clear view of all the cost elements involved, and now that our first property is about to settle, we are feeling more and more comfortable with the decision. ARE Property’s advice on the specific property, steps involved, agents, insurance, accountants, etc. has been spot on and we are looking forward to our next investment opportunity when we all agree that it is the right step to take.

We would highly recommend Treasha and her team of advisors to anyone interested in entering the property investment market for the first time, or even seasoned investors looking for good opportunities to expand their portfolio.

Louis and Melinda, IT Consultant and Home Operations Executive


“I’m Very Thankful For Everything Treasha Did. For Making Me Feel Like I’m Doing Business With Someone Who Really Cares To Make It Right For Me.”

I heard about Treasha a year ago when I was looking for the ways to invest my money. I had a pretty bad experience with the share market and didn’t want to go that direction again. Having money put aside in a bank didn’t work for me.

One day I was talking to my friend about my dilemma when she asked me why I won’t buy an investment property. At that time it was a crazy idea for me as I was looking into buying a house in the country and couldn’t afford it. And she was talking about Melbourne!

It turned out that my friend already has two investment properties and was very comfortable with paying them off. She gave me Treasha’s number and I decided to find out more about the whole thing.

Everything Treasha said on the phone sounded extremely easy and possible. She told me that I won’t have to do anything (an important thing as I’m living in different part of Australia). She was going to find a property suitable for my financial situation, organize the loan with the bank and put me through to people that will look after the property for me. She even organized with the developer to agree to 5% initial deposit with other 5% only at settlement day. It all sounded too good to be true, but I decided to go with it.

During the time when the property was rising from the ground, Treasha stayed in touch sending updates and photos.

The last few weeks before settlement were exciting but also anxious. I’ve realized I won’t have enough money to cover for the deposit. When I told Treasha about it, she offered to lend me the missing money with no interest fee!

The settlement went without any hassle and two weeks later, there was a couple moving in (with checked financial and personal background), paying weekly rent higher than requested. And I can start saving money for my holidays in Europe and for another deposit. Also recently, Treasha negotiated a very generous amount from the developer to be rebated back to my account.

I’m very thankful for everything Treasha did. For making me feel like I’m doing business with someone who really cares to make it right for me.

One more thing – I don’t remember how much I paid Treasha for her services but the amount was close to nothing.

Agnieszka L, Spa Resort Manager


“I Would Not Be A Property Investor Today Had I Not Been Introduced To Treasha.”

I am very happy to recommend Treasha Lim to assist anyone who is thinking about investing in property. Treasha was professional, thorough and, in my case, patient, as a vacillated about taking the plunge into property investment.

Treasha listened to my concerns and was supportive and understanding in offering solutions and connecting me with other professionals whose services have also assisted in making the property investment process easier.

Treasha identified potential properties that I could purchase, organised the finance, provided the depreciation schedule and supported me every step of the way. I would not be a property investor today had I not been introduced to Treasha.

Two years on, I am so glad I entered this market. I will be asking Treasha for her assistance when I am ready to make my next investment.

Amanda O, Foreign Services


“Treasha’s Expertise And Experience Of Property And Investment Means She Can Find A Deal For Anyone.”

As newcomers to property investment, Treasha has provided amazing support in carefully guiding us through all the steps needed to find the place that was right for us.

Always willing to give more and put our needs ahead of anything else, Treasha is very responsive, patient and courteous.

Treasha’s expertise and experience of property and investment means she can find a deal for anyone. I would highly recommend Treasha.

David & Sonya V, World Vision International


“I Cannot Believe That I Didn’t Act On This Earlier.”

I am writing to let you know, that I purchased my investment property over 18 months now, and there is no doubt in my mind, that I had done the right thing. I cannot believe that I didn’t act on this earlier, as I was always interested in investments at a younger age. Oh well, it’s never too late.

From the time of walking in the doors, to the time I left, I can say that I have never felt so comfortable with my finances and investment that I purchased. Yes, I left with contracts signed of my new apartment, without a doubt in my mind. As I have been extremely cautious with typical finance managers and real estate agents, I have always been careful with making such decisions.

It has now been over 18 months now, and still all is moving smoothly and efficiently, as it has been from the beginning.

I would like to say that if you have not had the pleasure of meeting the team, stop right now, and pick up the phone. You definitely will not regret it, I promise you. Whether you decide to buy an investment property or just refinance, it will definitely be of a great advantage to you.

Like to say thanks again to the team, and look forward to many more properties to purchase, and all my financial solutions to the best they could possibly be.

Susie A, Operations Manager