Property Investment

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ARE Property specialises in helping first-time property investors to navigate the complexities of investing in real estate while building wealth and financial independence.


Australians have a long-term love affair with property investment because of the stability of our economy and the consistent historical growth.

ARE Property works with both first-time and seasoned investors.

Our only interest is to ensure that your property investment decisions are aligned with your personal circumstances and financial goals.

Working with ARE Property Advisors provides you with peace of mind and: 

  • Real estate investment education that will guide you through your property purchase and give you the confidence to then continue building your property portfolio.
  • Advice on tax-effective investment strategies to ensure that you take advantage of every benefit offered by the ATO
  • Independent sourcing of quality, profitable investment properties
  • Strategic advice on debt-reduction to improve funds availability for future investment or for improvements on day-to-day household cash flow
  • Independent loan comparison and finance sourcing to ensure that you receive the best possible deals currently available
  • Co-ordinating with related services (e.g. Solicitor, Accountant etc.) who all play a vital role in the completion of your property purchases
  • Ongoing mentoring and coaching for life to continue the education process and ensure that you’re always fully aware of opportunities to further secure your future financial independence

Property Advisory

Property Investing with Strong Foundations

Your property investment strategy needs to be based on sound advice and credible information. Relying on the hearsay of friends, ebooks or what you have read in the newspaper, a risky way to make such largest investment decision.

The ARE Property Team can guide you through 7 steps to ensure your success.

Property Investment Analysis

Which investment property should you buy? When investing in property many investors make emotional purchasing decisions rather than decisions based on sound investment fundamentals. We provide you with proven analytical models to help you make rational, not emotional, investment decisions.

Lending Solutions

If you intend to build a portfolio of investment properties (as the ARE Property investment model allows you to do), your loans must be properly structured. We can advise you in this area to ensure proper loan structuring. Our Mortgage Sourcing and Comparison team can help you secure a loan and loan structure that’s appropriate to your circumstances.

Property Management
(Leasing, bill payments, insurance etc.)

Trust our experienced property management team to take care of rental and maintenance issues, even if you’re based interstate and outside of the Melbourne metropolitan area.

Taxation and Accounting Support

We can introduce you to experienced property accountants who can help you keep track of your finances and legally minimise tax. Australian tax laws offer significant tax benefits when investing in property.

Conveyancing and Legal Services

Our legal team are available when you need to buy or sell property or require other legal services.

Investment Advisory Services

Unlike some property firms where investors effectively deal with commission-based salespeople, as a ARE Property investor you will only work with qualified and compliant specialists to formulate and implement long-term wealth creation strategies.

We provide you with vital investment tools and resources within our company and also through our external network of industry affiliations. Our affiliates include Financial Planners, Accountants, Quantity Surveyors, Interior Designers, Builders, Architects, Town Planners, and Solicitors. No matter what your specific situation, ARE Property ensures you have the support you need.

Ongoing Mentoring and Reviews

When you become a client of ARE Property, you are entitled to Lifetime FREE financial mentoring and reviews. Our mission is to ensure that your wealth creation journey is ongoing.

In short, we provide you with everything you need to build lifelong wealth through investing in the Melbourne property market, safely and securely. Contact us now for more information, without cost or obligation.