Investment Planning

While ARE Property incorporates Investment Planning (through our associates at Klear Picture Pty Ltd) as part of our Property Investment Services. ARE Property’s team of Property, Investment & Lending advisors facilitate a longer term partnership that helps you to build and protect your wealth even if its outside the property realm.

Rather than merely presenting properties, our qualified investment advisors are able to design investment strategies to ensure that any property you acquire through us, is a sound investment vehicle that will help you achieve your overall financial goals.

We won’t hesitate to say property investing is not suitable for you if it isn’t. If that were the case, we would design a plan to safely get you into a position to invest safely.

“Get the right TEAM behind you….”

Whether you’re embarking on your first property purchase, weighing up between buying a home or investment property, or a seasoned investor, we can tailor investment strategies to suit.

Our advisors assist you to navigate through:

  • Market research
  • Property research
  • Lending solutions
  • Investment analysis
  • Property management
  • Legal / Conveyancing
  • and more

It’s wise have an investment plan in place prior to securing your next property, to ensure it does not impede any future plans you have.

Property typically does not have the liquidity or short term growth capabilities of some other asset classes, and requires a 10 to 20 year horizon to deliver good returns. Our qualified and experienced experts deliver sound investment advice. We are not real estate agents.

Property Investing with Strong Foundations – 8 STEPS TO SUCCESS!

A Property Investment Strategy needs to be based on sound advice and credible information from advisors that are non-aligned with banks or developers, and who don’t only advice on Real Estate Investing. This mitigates the risk of biasness towards only one asset class. Relying on the hearsay of friends, seminars, free online e-books or the newspaper, is a start to gain general information, however optimum investment results may not be achieved. It’s one of the largest purchase you make in life, it pays to get the right experts behind you.

8 steps we take our clients through to ensure success.

  1. Financial Planning Before investing it is wise to ensure the asset class you consider is going to compliment your overall financial goals between now and beyond your retirement years. Just because a broker says you can borrow and a realtor tells you they have the best property on earth, it does not mean that now is the right time to invest. When and what to invest in requires an assessment of every area of finance, not just your borrowing capacity. The last thing you want to do is buy a property today and realise you needed to buy in in a different entity and go through the costly mistakes of correcting things.
  2. Finance Structuring & Lending solutions
    To increase your net worth, and use property as part of your investment plan, we assist to implement finance structures that maximise borrowing, improve debt reduction & optimise tax minimisation where possible.  Chasing the cheapest interest rate does not necessarily facilitate future investments or property portfolio expansion. We’ll help you utilise lenders to your advantage.
  3. Property Investment Analysis
    Which investment property should you buy? When investing in property many investors make emotional decisions rather than sound investment fundamentals. We provide you with proven analytical models to make rational investment decisions. Sometimes we may identify that Property is not suitable for you. At least you’ll know now rather than make an expensive mistake!
  4. Property Management (Leasing, bill payments, insurance etc.)
    Your advisor interviews and sources the right property manager for your investment. Different property management services have different strengths. Your portfolio does not need to sit with just one agent.  We have not financial ties with them and are merely representing you to achieve the best investment return possible.
  5. Taxation and Accounting Support
    Not all accountants will share your investment mindset or agree with your strategy. It’s important to work with experienced property accountants who work with you team of advisors to maximise your tax savings and assist to set up investment entities.
  6. Conveyancing and Legal Services
    In any industry there are good eggs and bad eggs. We have worked with a number of providers and learnt that experience counts especially when it comes to property settlement. We have preferred providers we can share with you who understand lending and investing and this is pertinent to ensuring a smoother settlement. More importantly, during the acquisition stage of your property, we also needs someone who can help us ensure any contractual agreement entered into is carefully vetted and explained. Klear Picture recommends Conveyancers with property investment and lending experiences only.
  7. Investment Advisory Services
    Unlike may property investment services where investors effectively deal with commission-based real estate agents, Klear Picture advisors are qualified and compliant investment specialists. This is our key difference, to ensure that we assist you to formulate and implement long-term wealth creation strategies. Our slow paced, in-depth approach,  means you have a clear plan and risk management measures in place, before investing.
  8. Ongoing Mentoring and Reviews
    Without this, your plan cannot evolve to meet changing goals and market conditions. When you become a client of Klear Picture, you are entitled to Lifetime financial mentoring and reviews. It’s rewarding to track your progress and achieve more goals. We encourage you to also grow your knowledge in finance by meeting with your advisor periodically. Our ongoing role is to educate you so you can better instruct us what to do.

Our collaborative team of multi- skilled advisors, equip you, to secure tomorrow… safely and securely.

“…Imagine having your own Personal Lending, Financial Planning, Tax and Investment Manager to delegate to. The right team saves you time, costly mistakes, prevent missed opportunities. Begin to delegate as CEO’s do…to their team of experts.”

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